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JM 310 totally fix my bad behaviours

I’m a person who did not try to participate in the class as I personally have my own weakness which I cannot focus on since I was a kid. So, I decided to not listen to the teacher and study hard before the exam instead. Before the JM310 class began, I heard from my friends that you will have a hard time and struggle while learning in this class with professor Bruce as he will assign a lot of work and he is very strict. He will have many rules in the class such as you need to dress properly, not wear perfume in the class, and have punctuality. Professor is very concerned about participation and wants students to follow his rules. After I listened to my friends, I thought that my friends were over-talking as I never saw any of the university’s professors try to force students to follow the rules since I was in high school. So, I decided to not believe them. However, my mind was destroyed in the first class. All of my friends’ opinions about this class are true. In the first online class, he punished students who come to the class late, in just less than 10 minute, to write the summary about the all today class experience. You need to come to the class at 9.35 am, you need to ask the professor’s permission if you want to go to the toilet. He also assigned three tasks on the first day.

I thought to myself that “Here you go, the winter is coming” as I thought that I will face hard times until the end of semester. In the second class, I had to do the class summary as I was late in class. After that, I decided to change my behaviour to have more punctuality and participation. Then, I realized that all the rules and punishment that you teach us are the good characteristics that everyone should have for working in the future which I am really thankful to you Bruce.

Teamwork is the most important factor of success

For most of the class, students usually group up with their close friends as they already know each other well which makes it easy to communicate and separate the work. But in this class, professor Bruce knows this will cause bad behaviour to the student if they work in a real workplace in the future. So, he decided to randomly group up students to work together. This makes the student experience like the real working situation as we don’t know who will be working with. They may not like each other in the first place. But they have the same goal, which is to get as high a score as possible. So, this will make students know how to work in a different team and they try to be a teamwork for making the work successful. When I am working with my close friends, we mostly have a meeting call to separate the work section and then respond only to our work part and come check together at the end. But in this new group, their style is quite different from my experience. They mostly have the team meeting and do the work together. I think it is also a good working style as we can brainstorm ideas for making the work done in the best performance in the short time. So, this teaches me to know many different working styles that I have to adapt and qualify for successful teamwork in the future.

Me in the better version

This class taught me a lot of experience to be a good student, good teammate, good teamwork, and good responsibility. It upgraded me so much. And I think this will totally benefit me to have good habits for work in the future. I really appreciated and was thankful. I hope that I can use these knowledge and experiences that I got from this course to push me out of my comfort zone and start seriously thinking about my future.